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The City of Montreal has just passed a motion to become a sanctuary city for undocumented aliens. It joins Toronto, Hamilton, London, and Vancouver as undocumented alien destinations. All of these entrants are eligible to receive City services, including municipal housing and access to schools and health programs. Several other cities across Canada, including Ottawa, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg, are also considering the possibility of joining this illegal club.
Meanwhile, the R.C.M.P. has reported the largest rise in illegal crossings on record during the month of February. The Trudeau administration has already admitted 40,000 people from Syria, and more are on the way. My point is this: why did the Federal Government spend so much time and effort to carefully select and process only the cream of the crop, as former Immigration Minister John McCallum once put it? Now the Federal Government stands idly by as Canadian cities initiate their own immigration policy, breaking federal law as cities have absolutely no jurisdiction in this federal matter.
This means that, as a result of city’s legislation, anyone may enter Canada and have the same equality and social services as Canadian citizens. Thus, with any undocumented person able to freely enter Canada and go to a sanctuary city, then why have a border at all? Why don’t we just close all border terminals and just let them all come in? Think of all the money the government would save by laying off all its Immigration officers and other staff that run these stations. We could also close all entry terminals at airports, thus saving foreign passengers the time it takes to be documented before entering the country. Government savings would be enormous, as we wouldn’t need the space or staff required to do the job.
Yet, while all of this is going on, we ignore our own fellow citizens in the far North, who suffer deplorable conditions, without lending them a helping hand. Trudeau wants to build storage sheds for aboriginals to store their canoes and paddles, yet does not realize that most Northern communities have only 6-8 weeks in the year when rivers are not frozen. Most of Canada’s aboriginals live in communities that have no running water, no toilets, leaky roofs, and third rate educational and social services, besides having the highest suicide rate in the world. Yet Trudeau is worried about where they store their canoes and paddles.
Let’s stop all this nonsense and begin providing for our own people. How about inviting an aboriginal family to come and live in our community, rather than importing others from foreign lands? We’ve done our bit with helping the Syrians, so let’s start now by helping our own. The Federal Government’s treatment of native aboriginals in our own country is inexcusable and abominable. Let’s push the Federal Government to do something about it. Maybe then, Trudeau can go up North and do his grandstanding and photo ops in front of igloos.
Brian Lonergan


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