Bringing colour and joy


The first batch of nests have been completed and the new young ones have hatched, fledged and flown. Here are just a few pictures of the successful nesters in our garden – Bluebird, Robin and Wren. All of them used hand-made nesting boxes and provided us with hours of free enjoyment and entertainment. The Wrens are presently having a second go at raising another family,–suckers for punishment!

Looking out of the window on a damp rainy morning recently, lo and behold, on our bird feeder, a beautiful blue Indigo Bunting was there! Luckily, camera was at hand, so got some shots of it. The spots on the back feathers are rain droplets.

I hope that you and all your readers are staying safe and well and enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer, in their own gardens, for free, as she creates an ever changing life and educational picture, for us all.

John Baldwin


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