Body and Sole expands to save more soles and toes in need!


Body and Sole announced this week that their team of foot care providers will be expanding. France Partridge RPN, from Toes in Need, will be joining their team. France is a Certified Advanced Foot Care Nurse who currently operates a mobile foot care business.

“We are delighted to have France joining us at Body and Sole” says Melanie Atkinson, one of the two Chiropodists (Foot Specialists) at Body and Sole. “France is a very caring and very competent Foot Care nurse. We have been referring patients who become house-bound, or who do not necessarily require the specialized services of a Chiropodist, to France for years, and, as Body and Sole gets busier and busier, it only makes sense to have France join us in our office as well, to help manage our case load”.

Body and Sole has been providing full service foot care on Van Buren Street for almost 8 years. Melanie explained that the waiting list for new patients wanting to see the Chiropodists at Body and Sole has become quite long, and the addition of an Advanced Foot Care Nurse to the team will mean that those patients needing foot care for conditions such as thick nails and callus, can now be seen by France right away, so that those requiring the Chiropodist’s expertise for ingrown toenail surgery or orthotic therapy, will not have to wait so long.

“It’s a win-win situation for our patients and our staff. France has been shadowing us at Body and Sole for the last two months and will be starting to see her own case load in November. The Chiropodists will be available for consult, so we can ensure the best possible care for all foot conditions, from a simple thick nail to diabetic foot ulcers”.
In addition to providing a full range of professional foot care services, Body and Sole has extra width footwear, compression socks, and many other foot care products available. Patients can self-refer, a doctor’s note is always welcome, but not necessary, and visits are covered by most extended health insurance plans. For an appointment call 613 258 5508.


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