Big Sky Ranch’s Annabelle


submitted by Pam Owen

All of the animals from Big Sky Ranch hope that everyone has enjoyed their Summer. In the Spring we welcomed many new arrivals and, as we quickly blossomed into summer, we welcomed children’s summer camps, bus loads of visitors, new volunteers and the wonderful feel of sunshine on our backs! Now that routines are back into being regular again, readers may look forward to Big Sky Ranch animal reporters telling their stories.
I managed to interview Annabelle, the Flemish Giant Rabbit, between her carrot breaks. Annabelle is one of nearly twenty types of domestic animals that call the Sanctuary home. She is a favourite of young and old, and folks in between!

Typical of her breed, Annabelle is friendly, calm, outgoing and loves to travel. These are the traits that ensure she is usually chosen to visit when Big Sky Ranch is invited to any event. She is also one of the stars of the Educational Outreach Team for the Sanctuary.

Annabelle would like to explain, in her own words, that she loves being one of three rabbits at the Sanctuary. Being only half Flemish Giant, she is a petite 12 pounds, instead of the normal whopping 20 pounds typical of her breed. (It appears that even rabbits are weight conscious). Flemish Giants are an ancient breed, first recorded in Belgium during the 16th Century. Her fur is light grey and extremely soft. If one looks closely, we can notice that she has a large dewlap under her chin (this is a snuggly flap that females have to tuck their babies into for protection and warmth).

Annabelle loves to be held and likes teaching youth how to hold and care for her properly. She would like to invite visitors to drop by Big Sky Ranch for a chat and a nice visit next time they are in the area. She would also like to thank all of the compassionate volunteers for helping to take care of her, and also the many caring people who take the time to help out financially. Gentle hearts and souls surely attract.


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