Be prepared for Spring flooding


from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Dreaming of spring? Prepare for it, too! The spring freshet is just around the corner, and RVCA staff are using stream gauges, weather stations, snowpack measurements, meteorological forecasts and computer models to determine the potential for flooding. RVCA staff can then estimate the severity, location, and timing of possible flooding and warn communities based on the four stages of the Flood Warning Index.

Our flood forecasting and warning system aims to reduce danger to people and property by providing as much advance notice and information as possible. Should flooding occur, the first response is up to you! As a property owner, you need an emergency plan to minimize flood-related property damages. If you don’t have a plan, now’s the time to make one – there are plenty of excellent resources online.

If the flood is beyond your capability, the Municipal Emergency Response Plan kicks in. Your municipality is responsible for emergency response services during severe floods. This is a good time to explore your municipality’s website and familiarize yourself with its emergency preparedness plan. Have local emergency phone numbers handy!

To get up-to-date information on local watershed conditions, subscribe to RVCA’s flood forecasting and warning emails at — look for “Get RVCA News.” For more information contact BRIAN at [email protected].


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