Our Bluebirds have been giving us a treat this week by returning to the garden and utilizing our nesting boxes as perches to do their fly and insect catching. As a bonus, they have been accompanied by at least one of their offspring who seems to be relatively self supporting, but still remains demanding, if they can get away with it! As well as the Bluebirds, the Wrens are still quite active and singing away, as are many other different birds.

I had a very pleasant surprise the other day while working near the swimming pool, when a different song, close by me, gave away the fact that a Kingbird was just above the pool and probably catching some of the flying insects that are attracted to water. Later the same day, I got a very brief glimpse of the brilliant orange plumage

of a Baltimore Oriole just as it departed from its precarious perch on the Hummingbird feeder. They haven’t been very evident in our vicinity this year, but a friend told me a couple of weeks ago that she knew of where one had built its hanging nest. Not being that local to home, I didn’t follow up on it, especially since it was on someone’s private property!

Our garden birds continue to provide us with plenty of interest and joy, as the dreaded “You know what” has found its way into our domain and upset our various routines, outside of the immediate vicinity of our home. Many of you probably know about this first hand too, but for those of you who don’t, then please stay safe and well.

John Baldwin


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