Hello Dear Readers,

Trusting this finds you all fit and healthy, and well on the way to being fully protected against the Covid 19 virus. Our “Yo-Yo” type of weather is not helping us get that nice warm comfy feeling quite yet either, but the birds still keep singing and nesting away regardless! On a previous occasion, I had mentioned the Bluebird and the Wren were vying for the same nesting box, but am happy to report that the “Little Fella” persevered and is nesting in it. He does, however, still get bugged by the Bluebird, as can be seen by the in-flight picture I got of it, as it landed on the nesting box. I spent a long time sitting on one of our garden benches, just observing the activity, as the House Wren busily went backwards and forwards with beaks full of food for its new brood. The Bluebird, meanwhile, took up station on one of the adjacent, still vacant, nesting boxes and soaked up the sun, and why not!

Stay safe and well. Cheers!
John Baldwin


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