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Hello Dear Readers,

Hopefully this finds you in better spirits, as the skies brighten and life, in general, slowly starts to improve. Our birds continue to entertain us with the odd surprise visitor to the garden. This week we have seen a Brown Thrasher which took a bath in our garden water feature, and also another bird found commonly near water banks, an Eastern Kingbird. The latter, not a regular in our garden, is a “Fly Catcher” and can be seen perching in the trees and flitting down and back rapidly, as it dispenses with its prey. They do us the favor of getting rid of a few “Mozzies” when they are here, so it is a win-win situation! Other birds are the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, the Woodpeckers, both the Hairy (“Huge”) and Downy ( “Diminutive”) types, and our other regulars. Talking of the last three birds, a friend of ours saw both types of the woodpeckers actually feeding from their Hummingbird feeder, which is an unusual occurrence, I think.

We have hanging feeders in front of our living room window for both species, but have never witnessed this type of behaviour ourselves by them, perhaps you have? With the nesting season still going in full-swing, and more availability of natural foods, there is not quite the same amount of activity around our feeders as a couple of weeks ago, but there are still plenty of birds to be seen, by you all, in your gardens, so enjoy! Stay safe and well.

John Baldwin


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