by John Baldwin

With the cold weather upon us and garden and window feeders being used like mad, a tip off of owl activity, provided a lovely chance for a brief change of own habitat. Being in a fairly isolated location, and no personal contact with anyone envisaged, my wife and I went to investigate. We did get to see two female Snowy Owls, one at quite a distance, the misty atmospherics making photography very difficult and the other a little bit closer. However, before we got to this location, road-side activity caught our eyes in the form of Snow Buntings. Yes, those little flocks of birds you often disturb, as you drive down the road, are Snow Buntings, which seem to the naked eye to be just another plain old sparrow type looking bird. Well we actually stopped and took another look and, as you can see, they are a very pretty and striking bird indeed. Of course they are very protectively skittish and always on the move, so any photograph getting of them is quite challenging. My wife, with her less sophisticated camera than mine, with car window open, managed to get a couple of beautiful shots of the flock in flight! What a lovely surprise for both of us! We hope you like them too!

Stay safe and well.


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