submitted by Ian Morris

The KPS community recently held a Food Drive for local families.  From December 4 to 8, students brought in non-perishable food items and other common necessities that families might need over the holidays. On Monday December 11, all collected items, from canned food to toothbrushes, will be passed to the House of Lazarus.  The House of Lazarus is a non-profit organization that supports our local community with the basics of life.

Students took ownership of preparing and running the food drive.  Many of our Grade 4-6 students prepared by creating informational posters that were circulated through the school. KPS set a goal of 500 items to be collected during the week. Students collected and tallied the results day by day. Updates were shared on the announcements and a sense of excitement grew as the food drive gained momentum. By the end of the second last day, students surpassed our school goal.  Students brought in another 250 items on the last day bringing the total to at least 821 items. 

We are so proud of our students, staff, parent council, families, and community in supporting KPS to meet our food drive goals. Each month, we focus on a different character trait at school, with December’s trait being generosity. It is incredible to see what students can do when given the opportunity. Students and families at KPS demonstrated that we can do great things for others both within our school and within our local community.


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