A small town tech company with big ideas


A local IT services company is taking off with ideas that are likely to change the industry in the years ahead. Founder of Alltec Solutions, a mobile IT service and tech company that serves North Grenville, North Dundas, and the Cornwall area. What started as a simple idea has expanded to become a pillar of innovation.

Patrick has been in the professional tech field for over 15 years, and he also has sales and management experience. He moved to North Dundas last October, and immediately noticed a need for more “hands on” mobile tech support. The owner of a local store, Kemptville Computers, agreed to refer clients to him as the store was closing at the time, which helped to get the business off the ground. “I’m trying to have a one-stop shop for every major tech need you can possibly need help with,” said Patrick. “And the idea is to also outsource to local technicians to support this.”

True to its name, Alltec Solutions offers computer repair, home security setup, and smart home services, as well as affiliate sales of tech products, among other services. “It’s not labelled as just a regular computer repair shop, it’s kind of like the guys you go to whenever you don’t know who to go to,” Patrick said.

One important aspect of Patrick’s business is the charitable side. He routinely works with the Beth Donovan Hospice in North Grenville and the House of Lazarus in North Dundas to provide needed services for free. In conjunction with the House of Lazarus, Patrick launched a program called Alltec Refresh, whereby people donate their unwanted tech, and Patrick refurbishes it free of charge to be given to a family in need. This helps increase access to much needed technology, and also helps to eliminate electronic waste. Through his company, Patrick is offering similar initiatives to aid autistic children in getting access to needed technology.

“I’m trying to create the Uber of tech companies,” said Patrick. “As I really build the brand and the structure, I’m going to start to expand to other cities across Ontario and, hopefully, across Canada at some point.”

Alltec Solutions is rooted in firm principles. These include making sure everyone is treated fairly, fighting questionable dealings in the industry, and “making sure there is a new bar set when it comes to this type of work”. Patrick said that a lot of people who seek tech services end up feeling that their technician is incompetent, which tarnishes the image of the industry itself. His company aims to correct that.

Patrick confirmed that business has been great, which shows a real need for good quality tech services locally. He is able to help other local technicians with their marketing by providing the billing and customer relations, while the technicians get the jobs done. This helps to build up the reputations of these independent technicians as well. The company focuses on mobile services, which is an in-demand service for many.

To learn more about Patrick and Alltec Solutions, visit www.alltec.solutions.


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