A personal travel manager, now more than ever


Gravitate Travel’s Scott Waldron explains why more and more travellers are seeking the help of professionals to plan their next vacation.

How many times have you walked by a travel agent’s office in your neighbourhood, with sun-faded resort catalogues in the window, and thought, “Who still uses a travel agent?”

It’s true that online flight vendors, Airbnb, and other platforms have made it easier than ever to plan your own travel. But the past two and half years have taught us that travel does not always go according to plan. That’s where personal travel managers, like those at Kemptville’s Gravitate Travel, come in.

Gravitate founder Scott Waldron and his team have helped their clients navigate a complex new world of travel. Personal travel managers can help you know what to expect, what to avoid, and where to turn when things go wrong. In fact, even The New York Times reported that travel experts were seeing an increase in business, up 35% compared to 2019.

Scott says there are a few reasons why travellers are coming back to experts for help.

“We love travel,” he says, “and we also love helping others discover the possibilities out there in the world. But we get it: researching takes time and you’re busy doing everything else in your life. This is our full-time job!”

So, while a vacation may be much needed, you can do without all the hassles that go with planning. A personal travel manager will find the best flight options, accommodation to suit your tastes, and excursions that are right for you. In addition, Scott says, “We’re constantly visiting new hotels and meeting with travel partners around the world. It helps us keep on top of what’s out there so we can recommend the best experiences for our clients.”

While COVID seems to be fading away, there are still entry requirements for destinations around the world, which can put you at risk of being turned away when you arrive at your destination.

“Which countries require a negative antigen test versus the ones which only require vaccine records? It’s hard to keep track, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of travel for our clients.”

Endless flight cancellations have left many passengers stranded and without a plan to get home. Scott and his team know the ins and outs of the airline industry.

“The average person might not know or understand the terms and conditions, but it’s my job to know and to use my expertise to help out clients when they need it most.”

Think having a personal travel manager is an extravagance reserved for luxury travellers? Not so, he says. “We can actually end up saving our clients money, by avoiding costly mistakes, finding the best price on your flights, and taking advantage of relationships with partners around the world.”

Thinking of traveling in the future? Gravitate will be at the IPM Quilt Show & British High Tea on August 19 and 20, with their partner, Royal Irish Tours.

And Gravitate Travel will be at the IPM & Rural Expo from September 2024, with their partners AMA Waterways, Rocky Mountaineer, Royal Irish Tours, Hurtigruten Expeditions, and Hyatt Ziva & Zilara All-Inclusive Resorts.


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