2024 Downtown Kemptville Community Improvement Plan intake open


Modest financial incentives are once again available for businesses and property owners to continue the revitalization of Downtown Kemptville. In 2021, North Grenville’s Council approved the Downtown Kemptville Community Action Plan (DKCAP) and a refreshed Community Improvement Plan (CIP). Progress continues to fulfill the targeted goals of the DKCAP which focuses on connectivity and encouraging balanced growth in the core.

“Downtown Kemptville is a central part of our community, with lively events and vibrant businesses. It is a great place to live, shop, play and connect. Programs like the CIP are intended to leverage opportunities that contribute to driving a diverse and resilient local economy,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford.

As part of the Downtown Kemptville CIP, intake is now open for the following financial programs:

  • Façade & Signage Grant: covers 50% of the costs up to $10,000 of high-quality improvements to the frontage of buildings.
  • People Make the Place Grant: $5,000 per residential unit created in multi-unit residential builds.
  • Building Fees Grant: up to $2,500 for multi-unit residential developments to cover building fees.
  • Tax-Increment Equivalent Residential Grant: reimbursement of the municipal portion of the incremental property tax for new multi-unit residential developments, starting at 90% and decreasing by 10% per annum.

The Development Charges Exemption continues to be in place for downtown.

“We are excited about new recreational and multi-unit residential developments in our downtown core and look forward to a diversity of applications,” added Deputy Mayor John Barclay.  

In addition to the Community Improvement Plan, Community Futures Grenville has funding opportunities that can work in tandem with North Grenville’s CIP. To learn more about funding opportunities, visit www.cfgrenville.ca/services-programs/economic-development

To learn more and to review the full program guidelines visit: www.investnorthgrenville.ca.


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