Zoning By-law Amendment, File # ZBA-15-19


To whom it may concern,

I am a 37-year resident (since 1983) of the area of the former township of South Gower which potentially stands to be physically affected by the new development being proposed. While I recognize the interest the company has in pursuing development of its assets, I am adamantly opposed to that development taking place on the backs of, and to the financial detriment of, the residents of my home area. In addition, I am shocked that those such as myself who are in a potential zone of impact were not directly informed of this project.

My concerns and grounds for objection are the following:

1. My home obtains its water supply – of a very high quality – from a well. I am concerned that this project may well affect water levels AND quality in a wide area, including my residence. I am also concerned for the water security of the homes and farms of my neighbours, many of whom have land contiguous to the proposed development. While I recognize the right of a business to pursue profit and a province to evolve a plan of economic development, this is not the People’s Republic of China, and business and government may not proceed with their plans by trampling over the lives, property and rights of citizens. Water is a most basic right.

2. I am concerned at the potentially damaging effect of this project on our extensive wetland areas. The effect of this intensive project on local wildlife habitats, especially aquatic habitats, has not been adequately considered. This aspect of the development must receive a good deal more attention before any possible consideration of proceeding onward may occur.

3. Materials released into the air through work processes will be wind-borne and will cover a large down-wind swathe of territory. This will affect those with allergies and dust sensitivities to a great extent. I object strongly!

4. The number of trucks using local roads will increase to a great extent, thus posing greater hazards to pedestrians, cyclists, children playing, and car traffic.

5. These same trucks will impose a greater tax burden on my municipality – I will not only receive all of the negative effects of this development, but I will have the unmitigated exasperation of being forced to pay for the road maintenance enabling this project!

6. I object strongly to the impact on property values which this development will inflict on the citizens of the large area affected. Profit is great, but not when it is derived through theft – and theft occurs in many ways. In this case, private landowners will have their living areas so damaged as to be worth less on the real estate market, and this damage will be inflicted so that Lafarge Inc may derive profit. This is not the way business is done in a civilized country. The fact that it may be done by large private or governmental organizations does nothing to reduce its deleterious financial impact or opprobrious ethical nature. See research on effects on home values – www.lansinkappraisals.com/downloads/Lansink%27s%20Case%20Study%20Pit%20or%20Quarry%20Jan%202014.pdf.

I request that you register the foregoing objections to the application for zoning application Zoning By-law Amendment, File # ZBA-15-19. These in no way limit my right to discover further objections as I become more familiar with this project, which I promise to do as quickly as possible.

James Bertram


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