Youth Emergency Housing Program Kick Off


As reported in last week’s Times, Connect Youth is opening an emergency housing unit in Kemptville to support homeless young people in North Grenville. The mandate of Connect Youth is to assist, support and refer young people in need and to advocate for youth in partnership with our communities.

Connect Youth invites local politicians, service providers and residents of Leeds and Grenville to attend a Ribbon Cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of Leeds and Grenville’s second youth Emergency Housing Unit located in Kemptville. The event will take place at the Municipal Centre, 285 County Rd 44, on Monday, August 8, at 10 am. There will be some speeches and a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by cake and refreshments.
The housing unit is part of the Emergency Transitional Housing Program, and provides temporary, 21-day accommodation for young people in the age group 16-21, until more permanent housing arrangements can be secured. Applicants for the unit must have no current living arrangements, with all other housing options having been exhausted. They have to be willing to sign Participation in Service Agreement, be attending school or seeking employment, and be actively seeking permanent housing.


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