Young Liberals call for Universal Basic Income


The Liberal Party of Canada held its annual convention this past weekend, hosting it as a virtual event. The Liberal Convention featured keynote addresses by Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, and the former Governor of the Bank of England. Ben Rhodes, the former Deputy National Security Advisor for Barrack Obama, also gave a keynote address.

Some highlights of the policies that were debated include a policy motion submitted by the Young Liberals of Canada, calling for the government to implement a Universal Basic Income for all Canadians, arguing that the UBI would increase bargaining power for workers because, “a guaranteed, unconditional income gives them leverage to say no to exploitative wages and poor working conditions.” The motion went on to call for consultation with stakeholders.

The Liberals of Ontario submitted a policy motion calling for a national policy to reduce the cost of prescription medication and ensure sustainable and equitable access to medication.

The Manitoba Liberals presented a motion calling for the establishment of a Northern inter-provincial electrical grid to ensure sustainable electric power to all regions of Canada.


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