Yellow Pages or Time warp?

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Perhaps you, like me, found a brand new issue of the Yellow Pages in your mailbox last week. It serves Kemptville and area, and is dated May 2021. But on looking closer to the contents, I began to wonder if the publication had arrived in the mailbox through a time warp, some strange interruption in the time-space continuum.

Naturally, I took a look to see if the North Grenville Times was listed somewhere inside. But no, what I found instead was a listing for the North Grenville Newsletter, located at 15 Clothier Street East. This surprised me somewhat, as the one-time publisher of that same newsletter. You see, it ceased publication in 2012, when the current Times began. And we have not been on Clothier Street in many years. The phone number is no longer in service either.

This got me searching further in this fascinating publication. It claims that the High School is still operating out of Prescott Street. The Presbyterian Church in Oxford Mills is still listed at 61 Water Street, even though it closed years ago and is now a private residence. No doubt there are other similar entries, but I decided not to research further.

Now, it may be fortunate that most people don’t use phone books anymore. Yellow Pages can be found on-line, as can the 411 system, which allows you to find phone numbers when needed. So these Yellow Pages may not prove as confusing as they might once have done. But I do wonder about the businesses that advertise in the publication. Presumably, they are all still where the pages say they are, and at the same phone number. But, if there is a certain lack of credibility to the information contained therein, I wonder if advertisers feel it is worthwhile being part of the publication?

And no, I was not biased by the fact that they have a signpost for “Kemptville Creek” on the cover….


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