Yazdani Family Dentistry responds with insights on Odd Fellows building


The Marketing Director for Yazdani Family Dentistry has reached out to the Times to provide further insight into what will become of the so-called “Odd Fellows Hall” in downtown Kemptville. Yazdani purchased the historic building a few years ago, after it had been the headquarters of the local chapter of the Odd Fellows fraternal organization for well over a century. 

The former “Odd Fellows Hall” at 119 Clothier St. E. in Kemptville. The building is undergoing renovations,
with new windows already installed

“Ultimately, we have renovated the Oddfellows building to host office spaces in the upstairs portion of the building,” said Yazdani Family Dentistry Marketing Director Lisa Leduc. “This will act as our ‘headquarters’ for the office. With our now three locations and the bulk of the leadership team working primarily out of Kemptville, we needed more space.”

The move is being made in part to help accommodate other plans for growth within Kemptville. “Dr. Yazdani has intentions on expanding the Kemptville office (115 Sanders St.) in our near future so that we can accommodate more patients and get back to a more timely schedule for treatments again,” said Lisa. “The Oddfellows building will also act as our training centre for staff development. Dr. Yazdani invests in his team regularly by providing continuous learning opportunities so that we can provide the best in customer service for our patients. We are always striving for excellence in everything we do.”

Given that the historic building was once a booming social hall, many locals are no doubt wondering whether there will be opportunities for renting space in the building. Unfortunately for eager social butterflies in North Grenville, the answer to that question is “not right now”. 

“I know that the community is wondering if we will be renting the building out to the community as we have a stage in the lower half of the Oddfellows building,” said Lisa. “Although this is something we do want to be able to do, it is not something we can offer at this time. However, we do hope to be able to create partnership opportunities with other local businesses for potentially hosting community events there. At this time, due to insurance and budget restraints, we will not be renting the hall out to the community. If anyone is interested in collaborating on something, they are welcome to reach out to me.” 

The newly renovated building has visible signs of new life, after spending a few years as a shuttered reminder of a different era. Anyone wishing to contact Lisa can reach her at [email protected].


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