Worried about Screentime?


A Practical Approach for Teens and Parents

by Andrea Hossack

Of the many stresses that wake parents in the night, one of the most persistent might be How To Help Teens Disconnect from Smartphones.

Maybe you’re concerned that your teen doesn’t know HOW to turn off the phone, get a good sleep, and turn attention to other parts of life. Maybe you’re thinking that YOU don’t know how to disconnect as easily as you’d like? Perhaps social media is just too present and too much in your household? A free workshop Thursday, April 28 can help. It’s offered by North Grenville District High School, organized by its Parent Council.

Stop worrying and get practical. Join Dr. Alissa Sklar online Tuesday, May 10th, @ 7 p.m. for strategies to help your teen create a healthy balance of digital and off-screen life. Register for this free web workshop via the registration link on the NGDHS Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NorthGrenvilleDistrictHighSchool.

You can find the 30-second video promo here: https://prezi.com/v/cyttoprj21z3. Feel free to tag Risk-within-reason on Facebook, or @alissasklar on Twitter.


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