World No Tobacco Day 2020


World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) took place last Sunday, with an emphasis on the campaign being waged to draw young people into addictive practices. The Tobacco & Vaping Industries are targeting a new generation of young people with many of the same tactics they used with cigarettes in generations past.

Vaping rates for youth in Canada have sky-rocketed in the past few years, with the latest research showing a doubling of past 30 day use and a multi-fold increase in almost daily use, thanks to tactics like introducing flavours appealing to children, widespread promotion of vaping products and the distribution of free samples at popular events for young people, and advertising and product placement in movies, streaming services and through social media platforms with paid influencers.

Most of these tactics have been used by the Industry in the past and have been banned by governments to protect young people. With fewer people smoking, these industries are re-using their old playbooks to attract a new generation to different products. Many of the popular vaping brands are in fact owned by tobacco companies. At a time when the Tobacco Industry continues to influence their consumers, the importance of drawing upon reliable sources for information is essential!

Due to COVID 19, many may have questions about how tobacco use or vaping may affect the risk of getting COVID-19. Get the latest evidence-based information about smoking & vaping and COVID-19 on our website:

To learn more about World No Tobacco Day and to take action, visit the World Health Organization website at


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