Peter Johnson (OMCA), artist Don Munz, Neil Whyte (OMCA), Ursa Myers, Marc Nadeau, President of OMCA and Jim Beveridge

We talk elsewhere in this paper about the amazing generosity of this community. Last Sunday was just another example of this. Well-known artist, Don Munz, came up with the idea of donating a painting in order to raise money for Ursa Meyer’s much needed therapy. The amazing Oxford Mills Community Association agreed to take on the complexity of selling the raffle tickets and then distributing them to all the local shops which then went that extra mile in the last week to get all the tickets sold. We had 600 raffle tickets and by Sunday they were all sold out. This is just one example of what we do here in North Grenville. Look at our Canada Day festivities. The Downtown Community Association, undaunted by COVID, came up with a plan to make Canada Day here work while in many communities this just did not happen. There was a lot of work that went into that planning. Then we have Brian Foster from the waste management site who had the idea of turning empty LCBO bottles into cash for a local group. And there are the volunteers who head to the transit site weekly to collect them. There’s the three local businesses donating to HOL to ensure kids have a meal.

While I know that we are all feeling the stress over COVID and its restrictions, not knowing what the future holds for us, we need to remember just how fortunate we are to live here in North Grenville. Let’s not take that for granted.

Thank you Don, thank you Brian, thank you to all the volunteers, the ones we hear about and the ones we don’t hear from. A special thank you to Judy Beveridge for keeping it all together for us.

Ursa has given much to this community through her fiddle playing, donating her time to help with fundraisers, and now we give back to her and say thanks for all the music and we look forward to her speedy recovery.

Winner of Sunday’s raffle for Ursa was Sarah Newman.


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