Where do we go from here?


Mr. Ford: Can we clear a few things up?

a) Are vaccines a good idea? I think you have been very clear on this…the answer is a definite ‘Yes!’

b) Are vaccines of all kinds a good idea for attendance in public schools? Again, ‘Yes!’ It is a legal requirement, I think.

c) Should those people who are NOT vaccinated be allowed into schools or workplaces alongside people who are vaccinated? A resounding ‘Maybe!’ for that one? Why? Let me go out on a limb here and suggest that it might be politically expedient for you to sit on the fence for this one.

You don’t want to lose the vote of those people who, in this case, have joined the ‘anti-vaxers’ club of selectively-informed people. Let me see if I can shed a bit of light on the situation.

If our provincial population is remotely similar to the American demographic (shudder), then the situation just might be this: those who are the skeptical types, those who don’t trust any government, the same people who think that the doctors and scientists, plus politicians, are nincompoops who are trying to pull the wool over the public’s eyes (why?) and do not want to be injected with what they think might be a lethal dose (of what? Common Sense?).

They just might be the very same right-wing leaning, anti-left-wing types who traditionally, habitually, eternally vote for the Ontario Conservative Party, and who, by the way, have to swallow an arbitrary, unpopular prison location decision along with the rest of us.

Now, Mr. Ford, we wondered how you would do in the Big Chair of Ontario politics. Your stint on Toronto City Council was less than stellar and far from distinguished.

Indeed, when you ran for the leadership of the party, way back when, there was a significant difference between your potential political capabilities and those of the three women who were also in the race.

But, the Conservative Party, having watched Kathleen Wynne for too many years, was not going to be led by a woman, no matter how talented or brilliant she might be. It was a vote decided by gender, rather than by merit.

But you surprised a lot of Ontarians when we were hit by the pandemic.

You listened to the ‘Big Brains’ in the room and followed their advice (just as an aside, Trump Style news conferences with Cabinet Ministers lined up behind you is a ridiculous image).

But, over time, things changed.

Your popularity dropped due to too many reversed decisions. You stepped back and let the Cabinet Ministers step up and make the announcements. All great generals lead from behind, right?

And now, with part of the population wearing masks, social-distancing, getting themselves and their families vaccinated, you have to decide what to do with those others; the ones who will not comply, the proudly independent ones who say, ‘Nobody tells me what to do!’, or, ‘They don’t know what’s in that stuff!’

Well, I have a suggestion. Kick Them Off The Island! Off they go! If anyone is unconcerned about the health and well-being of others, then, in our version of civilized society, where you have a responsibility to look out for the well-being of yourself and others, you have just disqualified yourself, and do not get to be part of the ‘civilized society club’.

Now, what happens to them? They could go to Alberta and hang out with like-minded wanna-be Americans. Along with their like-minded Alberta-Cons, they could mount a truck convoy and head for Texas or Florida.

They could join up with the righteous: those Fox News, Tucker Carlson watching, Trump-supporting, non-vaccinated, gun-totin’, anti-lefty, anti-Liberal, proudly independent individuals. (That group really makes me shudder.)

Mr. Ford, I wish you good luck and good health. I am assuming that you and your loved ones have been vaccinated. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it? It’s nice to know that your family and those you hold dear are protected from a disease that has already taken nearly 4.15 million people from their loved ones.

Just don’t tell it to some of your fervent supporters. They tend to be a suspicious lot and just might think you are part of the conspiracy.

Peter Johnson
(Upper Oxford Mills, Ont.)


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