North Grenville has no shortage of talented athletes of all ages. In the case of 12 year old Oxford Station boy Treysean, however, the story isn’t just about his love of soccer, it’s also about the useful lessons in responsibility he is learning along the way. 

“Treysean has always loved soccer,” his mother Brittany told the Times. “Every guy in our whole family has been invested in soccer so he grew up around it since day one.”

Brittany reports that by the time Treysean was just 2 years old, he already showed a real passion for the sport. “I love soccer because I love getting to get together with my friends and play,” Treysean added. “I love the competition and the intensity. I think it’s sort of just in my blood too.”

One key element of Treysean’s soccer journey is that he earns his own money to participate in tournaments, which can be quite far away. For example, he will be participating in the Disney Junior Soccer Showcase later this year in Orlando Florida. 

It’s honestly the most valuable lesson he’s learning,” said Brittany of the fundraising. “He’s learning the value of a dollar, and understanding how hard we work to provide these activities for him. He gets a sense of accomplishment and pride when he earns it for himself. We have him earn money to pay for all his tournaments throughout the year. He learns that he’s not entitled to any of this, and has to work hard in order to participate in it. And he also gains a greater sense of gratitude and appreciation for everything he earns for himself. Every dollar means something to him.”

Treysean has big dreams to become a professional soccer player. He is working hard to achieve his goal, and those who know him truly believe in him. Success in soccer is about both talent and “heart”, and Treysean has a healthy mix of both. Working hard at developing soccer skills has parallels to fundraising for tournament money – both require hard work, devotion, and responsibility. 

It comes as no surprise that the North Grenville community has been great at supporting Treysean in his fundraising efforts. “It’s so beautiful to see,” said Brittany. “Everyone loves to see him working hard for himself and earning his way!” Earlier this month, Treysean had items up for auction (via Brittany) in local Facebook groups, earning dollar by dollar to pay his way. 

Treysean is currently playing at the highest level in soccer for his age group, and he does extra training on his own time. “He loves sports all around, anything he puts his hands or feet to, he thrives,” Brittany added. “He’s an all around #1 athlete and trains in everything from gymnastics, jiu jitsu, parkour, to hockey, baseball, tennis, skateboarding, biking and more!”

The Disney Junior Soccer Showcase offers an environment of strong competition to great young athletes. Interested players must send an application to participate, and must be accepted by facilitators to join. Treysean will be a proud attendee this year. 

Want to meet Treysean and help him on his journey? Being the self-sufficient athlete he is, he has booked a table for himself and his teammates at the Kemptville Farmers Market on October 29 and hopes to see you there!


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