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The Canada Day Community Committee in North Grenville are looking for your ideas. As part of the Canada 150 activities, we have decided to make a Time Capsule, something that will be sealed for the next 25 years, to be opened by a later generation of our community. What should go into such a capsule? What do you think will really reflect North Grenville of 2017 to those people in the future?

In 2007, for Kemptville’s 150th anniversary, the North Grenville Historical Society took photographs of every home and every inch of County Road 43, between the 416 and Somerville Road, all of Prescott Street, and Clothier Street East and West. These photographs were printed as 8×10 hard copies and stored in envelopes, because it was understood back then that those streets and highways would see so much change in fifty years. It’s amazing how much change they’ve seen even in the past ten years!
What would people in 25 or even 50 years like to see of North Grenville of our day? Send your suggestions to the Committee at, and we’ll take the most interesting and creative ideas and put them in a box for our children to enjoy.


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