What’s happening at the post office?


You may have noticed a lot of new faces at the Kemptville Post Office over the last few months. Staff have left, staff have arrived, and things seem to be taking a long time to settle down again. The Times have heard from quite a number of readers who have not had their newspaper delivered for a week, or two, or longer. Inquiries at the Post Office haven’t produced any results, and faithful readers have wondered if we here are cutting back somehow.

In fact, we’ve been expanding, and Canada Post is being paid week after week to deliver the paper to the homes of North Grenville and Merrickville-Wolford. What exactly the problem is, we’re not sure; but the areas around Townline Road and County Road 44 near Oxford Station Road seem to be particularly affected.

But it isn’t just the Times that has reason to wonder about what’s happening at the Post Office. Some customers there have found the doors locked when they should be open. Others aren’t sure when they can get their mail. One customer tried to get mail and their mailbox key didn’t work. When they inquired at the desk, they were told that no record existed of them ever having that mailbox. They were then informed that the box was likely closed because they hadn’t renewed it. But no renewal notice had been given to them. They eventually were given a new mailbox, but had to pay to have their mail forwarded from the old one!

When they asked where the mail from the closed mailbox was put, they were told it had been returned to sender, and that they should inform all senders of their new address. The problem was, they didn’t know who had sent them letters in the first place, so couldn’t be sure of reaching all those who got their letters returned.

A few customers found registered letters in their mail boxes, even though it stated on the envelope that the letter had to be signed for. One customer was surprised, as the registered envelope contained their new passport, and that is a high security document that definitely needs to be signed for. At the same time, other customers are expected to produce photo id if they want to pick up parcels. Some consistency is needed here.

Most of the counter staff at the Post Office are friendly and helpful. Others, not so much, as you might expect from people generally. Canada Post is meant to be a service industry and the public should have their interests seen to, and not left wondering where their mail or newspaper has gone. Perhaps all this is a result of living in the Time of Covid, and normal service will be restored when we return to whatever normal will be in the future.


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