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On arrival, please speak to any member of our staff if your condition is life-threatening (you are experiencing shortness of breath or chest pains, for example). You will see the triage nurse immediately.

If your condition is not life-threatening, please take a number and have a seat in our waiting area. You will see the doctor as soon as possible.

When your number is called, a specially trained triage nurse will assess you to determine how quickly you need treatment. Your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and breathing will be measured and notes will be made of any allergies or medications you are taking. Please note it is important to have an up-to-date list of your current medications and medical conditions with you.

Our triage nurses place patients in priority sequence, using the Canadian Triage Acuity Scale, which ranges from Triage Level 1, patients needing resuscitation, to Triage Level 5, non-urgent.

After assessment by the triage nurse, you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting area until you are called to the Patient Registration desk. The registration clerk will ask for your name, address, Ontario Health Card (OHIP) number (or other health insurance plans), family doctor’s name, and an emergency contact phone number. The clerk will make up a chart for you and give you an identification wrist-band. You will then return to the waiting area until you are called to a treatment room within the ER.

If at any time your condition worsens, please inform a member of our staff immediately.

Your Role as a Partner in Your Care:
As a patient or family member, we ask that you be an active participant in your care – ask questions, let us know if you have any concerns, make sure you tell your healthcare team about any symptoms you may have, your health and family history, and the medications you are taking. We also ask that you be respectful – of other patients and families, of our staff, physicians and volunteers, and hospital property.

Our Promises to Patients and Families:
As part of our commitment to partner with you and your family for Patient and Family Centred Care, we will treat you with dignity and respect, share information with you, and encourage you to participate in your care. We will tell you our names and our roles when we walk into a room where you are, and display our name badges prominently so that you can easily read them. We will answer any questions you may have.

If you would like more information about the ER, or have any other questions about KDH, please contact Patient Relations at 613.258.6133 ext. 223 or [email protected]. We would be happy to talk to you.


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