Shown at the presentation are (l-r): Kin Club member Cindy Anthony, Managing Director Kristen Casselman, WDMH Clinical Manager Katie Robertson, former Manager of Direct Mail & Events Cindy Ault Peters, and WDMH CEO Cholly Boland.

by Jane Adams, WDMH

The suspense just kept building and building at the official Catch the Ace Gala hosted by the Kin Club of Russell on September 29. Supporters and sponsors were thanked, and each of the five charities which benefitted from the 22-month fundraiser were called up to receive their donation.

And then came the WDMH Foundation! Managing Director, Kristen Casselman, former Manager of Direct Mail & Events, Cindy Ault Peters, WDMH Clinical Manager, Katie Robertson, and WDMH CEO, Cholly Boland, were all amazed when the final number was announced – $300,095.53!

“All I can say is wow – we are overwhelmed by this generosity,” said Cholly Boland. “We are so thankful to everyone for supporting your hospital and all the patients and communities we serve.”

Kristen Casselman explained that the donation will be used to help purchase much-needed medical equipment. “The first $255,000 will help us purchase a new X-ray machine. And the rest of the donation will be directed to the Digital Mammography Fund. The combined total of these two pieces of equipment is estimated at $973,000.”

“These two pieces of equipment are used daily to make life-saving diagnoses. On behalf of the Diagnostic Imaging Department and all the patients and families you will touch with this donation, thank you so much,” added Katie Robertson.

“Thank you to the Kin Club of Russell and everyone who purchased a Catch the Ace ticket,” summed up Cindy Peters. “A special thank you to our fabulous retail partners, who, with their staff, took the time to sell tickets throughout this raffle: Winchester Foodland, the Brinston General Store, and Loughlin’s Country Store.”

In all, $1.1 million was raised. To learn more about the impact of Catch the Ace, watch the event video at


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