Two Grenville OPP Officers join members of the Recreation, Health and Wellness Committee to kick off this year’s ParticipACTION challenge

With the yearly ParticipACTION challenge now well underway, many communities across Canada are prioritizing physical activity in a bid to be named Canada’s Most Active Community. This year, Merrickville-Wolford’s Recreation, Health and Wellness Committee is in charge of the Village’s fight for the title. 

The Committee itself has been helping to increase the amount of logged physical activity locally, and is encouraging others to join. “We as a Committee are walking every Wednesday throughout the month of June, around the track in Merrickville behind the Community Centre,” said Jan Fitzpatrick of the Recreation, Health and Wellness Committee. “We meet at the Library and walk from there! All are invited! And just in time, the Merrickville District Trails Society have just finished the Riverwalk Trail…which is awesome! We can take a slight detour!”

The Riverwalk Trail is located in Merrickville. It starts near the Merrickville Beach and follows the Rideau River west. The trail is still under construction – with a proposed viewing platform to be built overlooking the wetlands of the Rideau Migratory Bird Sanctuary – but it is open for use. Of course, there are countless other places to walk or run recreationally to count activity toward the ParticipACTION challenge. A great local resource for finding other suitable locations is the Merrickville District Trails Society, whose website can be found at

Physical activity recorded for the ParticipACTION challenge does not have to be in the form of traditional exercise. Activities such as cleaning the house and mowing the lawn are also valid, and can be logged as part of the challenge. Those wishing to take part in the last walk organized by the Committee can meet the group at the Community Centre track on Wednesday, June 29 at 6 pm. 

Regular physical activity is an important part of healthy living. There are plenty of opportunities to get some exercise locally, which can continue to be explored even after ParticipACTION month comes to an end late next week. Keep active, M-W!


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