Walk of the Cross

On April 19, Good Friday, parishioners of St. Ann Church, the United Church, the Holy Trinity Church, and the Brethren Bible Chapel will join in the 9th year of the Walk of the Cross in Merrickville. Starting with a prayer at St. Ann by Julius Nwagbara at 8 am, then walking to the United Church for a prayer by Matt Gallinger, then to Holy Trinity Church, for a prayer by Andrew Wilson. We will then return to St. Ann, around 9:30 am., listen to a prayer by Ross Ayling and a closing prayer and blessing by Julius.

We will be singing and praying all the way. People who cannot walk can meet us at any Church. Youth and children are most welcome to take a turn in carrying the cross. If you do not belong to any Church, you may still join this Merrickville family gathering.


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