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The Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation Board of Directors, representatives from the Veterans Way Memorial Committee, and a number of invited dignitaries gathered together at the Veterans Way Memorial Park on Saturday, June 24, 2017, to participate in a Canada 150 Military Tribute to the Canadian Armed Forces through the formal dedication of seven Memorial Trees that were planted at the site.

Carl Doucette, President of the Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the event and welcomed those in attendance. After introducing Mayor David Gordon and Councillor Donovan Arnaud as our special guests, Carl called upon John Wilson, Chairman, Veterans Way Memorial Committee, to provide a brief history of the Veterans Way roadway and the Veterans Way Memorial Park.

The Eastern White Pine represents the Six Nations Tree of Peace, whose origin dates back hundreds of years and commemorates the end of the Second World War. The White Oak commemorates the First World War; and the Red Oak commemorates the Second World War. The last tree in the line is the Bur Oak commemorating the Korean War, while the Red Maple commemorates the Persian Gulf War. Behind this is the Hard Maple commemorating the War in Afghanistan, and, finally, there is the Silver Maple commemorating operations supporting the United Nations and NATO.


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