by Michael Whittaker

The Battle of the Windmill, east of Prescott, in November 1838 was the penultimate cross-border attack from the United States during the yearlong Patriot War, which brought locals to the defence of Upper Canada.

On Sunday, July 15, at 2pm in the Merrickville Royal Canadian Legion, Rene Shoemaker from Prescott, an expert on the Battle of the Windmill, will discuss how this attack and the Patriot War arose from the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion.

Many rebels fled to the United States, to be joined by American sympathizers in a new attempt to overthrow British rule in Canada. On November 12, 1838, 190 men seized the windmill and nearby buildings. Soon, 2,000 militia from the counties, and regulars from Kingston, with naval support, besieged the mill. The insurgents, having no escape, surrendered on the fourth day. Eleven were executed, and 60 exiled to Australia.

The talk by Mr. Shoemaker is one of 15 presentations sponsored by the Merrickville and District Historical Society to commemorate Merrickville-Wolford 225. Visit


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