Update on 2022 Municipal Budget Process


North Grenville Council has decided to delay the budget process until January to give staff more time to respond to community priorities. The new timeline will still allow for a fulsome community engagement and dialogue.

“It is important that we provide ample opportunity for the community to provide their input. Staff are committed to developing a budget that is representative of the needs of our community, while also being fiscally responsible to our residents and businesses,” said Gary Dyke, Chief Administrative Officer.

“Municipal staff are working hard to advance Council’s strategic priorities, while recognizing the current economic climate as we come out of these pandemic times. Striking the right balance will be crucial, and the additional time will ensure that we meet these goals,” emphasized Mayor Nancy Peckford.

Rescheduled dates will be released to the public shortly.

For more details on the budget process, visit: www.northgrenville.ca/budget


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