Update from the Branch Executive, Kemptville Legion Branch 212


Like most other Legions across the country, your local Legion Branch has been closed over the past several months due to the worldwide pandemic. Over the past several weeks, as Ontario slowly started to re-open, there have been some inquiries as to when the Kemptville Legion might be opening its doors to our members.

Notably, there have been reports in the media that some Legion Branches in Canada may be closing due to fiscal sustainability issues related to COVID-19 mandated closure. We are most thankful to our Kemptville branch members who came before us, who have historically provided both steadfast stewardship and wise governance over our local finances and other resources. Rest assured that the Kemptville Legion remains strong in our long-term viability. Our Comrades provided us with the financial stability and more importantly, the extra precious time that various other Legion branches may not enjoy, to weather this very stormy era.

The mission of the Royal Canadian Legion Kemptville remains the same: to serve Veterans, including serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance, and to serve our communities and our country. Together, it is now our collective turn to hold the torch up high; thus, our branch’s mission is immediately best served by reducing the risk to our members – some of whom are at considerable risk from this virus. We do not wish to recklessly put in jeopardy our very worthy ongoing sacred purpose. Veterans Services remains available during this phase of the pandemic, and our Veterans Service Officer has been most capably aiding those who we are bound to care for. We are confident that our members have access to the supports needed during this time when our members remain at risk.

At the Executive meeting on Monday, August 17, 2020, the leadership team has made the decision to keep the branch closed on an interim basis. Much like the Canadian – American border closure question, this decision will be revisited every 30 days, with the next evaluation to take place by the end of September 2020. We will be monitoring the situation diligently with the approaching fall and influenza season and the yet-untested impacts this may have in light of the nasty COVID-19 virus. This decision was a difficult one for us all to make; it was not taken lightly and at the forefront was our concern for the health and well-being of our members.

In preparation for a possible re-opening in the near future, we have set in motion certain steps: we are investigating the purchase of plexiglass protection, preparing social distancing signage and health guidance, and buying hand sanitizers, and masks. We will keep everyone posted if there are any changes in our status and will let you know as soon as possible about the time when we can all come back together to enjoy each other’s company and comradeship at the Kemptville Legion.

For any inquiries, contact: Michael McIntosh, Public Relations Officer, 613-250- 8614, [email protected].


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