Unnamed heroes help save a life


Several locals had a chance to show what a caring community we live in on June 30 when they stopped to help a severely dehydrated young man who was close to fainting. Lynne Waytowich was on the bike trail that runs off of County Road 44, north of County Road 43, when she came across a young man who seemed like he was about to faint. She helped him lie down, and was quickly amazed at how many people stopped their cars along County Road 44 to help.

“We have a great, caring community,” Lynne wrote in a social media post about the incident which drew hundreds of reactions and several kind-hearted comments. She and the other good Samaritans were quickly able to get the man hydrated, and he was on his way. Lynne provided the Times with some additional details about what happened.

“I was running on the trail with my dog, and when I reached the highway there were two young guys (about 16) on the bike path, both off of their bikes, and one was hunched over and saying that he was going to be sick,” said Lynne. “He was white as a ghost and confused. I’m a healthcare worker and I’ve seen that look many times. He needed to lie down because one way or another he was about to be horizontal. As soon as he was lying on the path he said he was desperate for water and unfortunately I had none. Within seconds there were probably six vehicles parked beside us and a small crowd of people there to help. One lady was another healthcare worker! He was given a fresh bottle of water by a man in his work truck and he quickly came around. They told us that they had been biking in the hot sun from North Gower. He was overheated and dehydrated. He was two seconds from passing out. I was worried that he was going to hit his head on the pavement.”

Lynne credits our caring community for getting the young man the help he needed so quickly. “Another lady said ‘well you picked the right town for this to happen!’,” she said. The young man recovered quickly, drinking the water that was provided for him and then heading on his way with his riding partner. “This made me love this community even more. Help had arrived before I even realized we needed it,” said Lynne. Lynne is adamant that the heroics of the situation are not to be credited to one person, but rather to the kind-hearted community members as a whole. There is one snag, however – “I don’t know anyone’s names!” Lynne joked. “It all happened so fast.” No matter who the unnamed heroes are, incidents like these help to demonstrate how caring, connected, and safe members of the North Grenville community really are.


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