United Counties Council Report


International Plowing Match coming to North Grenville: The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville has agreed in principle to be a hosting sponsor for the 2022 International Plowing Match being held in Kemptville next September.

Following a presentation by International Plowing Match Executive Director, Cathy Lasby, and local Organizing Committee Chair, Harry Bennett, Counties Council asked staff to prepare a report with recommendations related to the Counties’ role and financial considerations. For more information, contact Counties CAO Ray Callery at 613-342-3840, ext. 2301.

New affordable housing planned at former hospital site: Counties Council has passed a by-law authorizing a loan agreement between the Marguerita Residence Corporation and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville for a major building project.

The agreement states the loan will not exceed $4 million for the construction of an 88-unit housing project located at the former St. Vincent de Paul site on Garden Street in Brockville. The term of the loan is up to five years, with a start date coinciding with building occupancy. For more information, contact Director of Community and Social Services Alison Tutak at 613-342-3840, ext. 2305.

A Brockville property is being renovated for supportive housing: Counties Council has approved the purchase of a property at 100 Perth Street in Brockville to support individuals who are precariously housed. Following a recommendation from the Joint Services Committee, Counties Council finalized the purchase and approved a full renovation to be completed by December 31, 2021. The contractor, Competitive Renovations, will create eight small, self-contained units to support people in need of housing. The property was purchased from the Ontario Conference Corporation of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The project is in partnership with Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Addictions and Mental Health (LLGAMH), who will assist in an ongoing subsidy for the units, in addition to managing the units and linking tenants to supports.

The overall cost of the project is $1.5-million, with funding from the Original Social Services Relief Fund Capital, the Social Services Relief Fund Holdback portion, and Housing Capital Projects. The ongoing costs of these apartments will be supported with the rental revenue that will come from pay-direct shelter allowances for social assistance tenants, in addition to a housing subsidy provided through LLGAMH. For more information, contact United Counties Director of Community and Social Services, Alison Tutak, at 613-342-3840, ext. 2305.

Housing Affordability: The Housing Affordability Task Force is concluding its one year term. Staff are summarizing presentations that have been made on affordable housing best practices and are currently developing an action plan to be brought back to a November 2021 meeting. The staff report will identify recommendations on areas regarding the housing continuum, and the format and structure of a work plan moving forward. Currently, land use planning best practices and secondary suites have been identified for additional investigation. For more information, contact Director of Community and Social Services, Alison Tutak, at 613-342-3840, ext. 2305.

Regional delivery opportunity of Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre: Counties Council has approved a Committee of the Whole recommendation for staff to enter into discussions with the City of Brockville and the Province of Ontario regarding a Transfer Payment Agreement for the delivery of Small Business Enterprise Services (Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre).

The Counties Economic Development Office has completed a report identifying opportunities for a regional delivery model. The contract period, if approved, starts April 1, 2022. For more information, contact Economic Development Manager, Ann Weir, at 613-342-3840, ext. 5365.

Upcoming meetings: The Joint Services Committee meets on Tuesday, October 5; the Committee of the Whole meeting is on Wednesday, October 6; Maple View Lodge Committee of Management meets on Thursday, October 7, and Counties Council on Thursday, October 21. All regular meetings begin at 9 a.m. in the Council Chambers at 25 Central Avenue, Brockville. For more information, contact County Clerk, Lesley Todd, at 613-342-3840, ext. 2454.


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