As yet another sunny cold day beckons us and our garden birds seek to find a morsel, or even a beak full of food once again. They never waver from this vital process in their constant fight for survival, so we, as observers of them as they go about their normal day of life, get to enjoy them too. Provided we are disciplined enough to maintain for them at least one source of food to come to, we are never disappointed in that respect. When I look at the constant variety of birds that visit the gardens locally here, and have a chance to make a comparison with those visiting my bird loving brother in an English country garden (There must be a song title there!), then I realize how lucky we are to get so many more than he does. He and his wife are always amazed at the beautiful colors of our birds, even when they are in their winter colors. When getting to writing my articles for you every week, and using my own current pictures to show you, I get to go through all my pictures of the week and to appreciate how lucky we actually are, in every respect, with the birds that most of us just take for granted. I hope, too, that you find and get the same pleasure from their presence as I do and are able to capitalize on the experience every day, just by looking and watching them through your own window.

I hope that the picture that I have included this week made you take another look at it, because your first glance at it was probably a hasty one and you’ve just missed something! I’ll leave you now to try and see what I am talking about! Enjoy and stay safe and well.


John Baldwin


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