Tune in to #LoveNG Live!


Tune in on Mondays for another #LoveNG Live show, highlighting North Grenville’s entrepreneurs. On the most current show, we will be showcasing three different entrepreneurs, all with their own unique stories to tell.

Natalie Castellas of Catered Affairs will be talking about her successful catering business located on the Kemptville Campus. In business since 2007, Catered Affairs has a legacy of catering many local events and providing upscale delicious food to the North Grenville community.

Meagan Cumming of the Kemptville Stress Relief Centre will be on the show to talk about mental health and establishing a successful business in the North Grenville community. She has a passion for mental health advocacy and for helping people cope with the stressors of life, as well as mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma.

Malina Dockendorff is the owner of Rideau Roastery, a craft coffee roasting business in North Grenville. In business since 2014, Rideau Roastery provides high quality organic coffee to many office buildings and coffee shops in North Grenville and beyond. You can find her delicious blends at Brewed Awakenings in Kemptville.

Finally, Megan McDonald from one of the show’s partners, the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce, will be on the show. Megan will be talking about the Chamber and how it supports businesses in North Grenville.

For more about these awesome businesses and organizations, tune into #LoveNG Live by going to www.loveng.ca/loveng-live or on Facebook under Loveng Live.


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