Tulip Festival for Merrickville


Mike Zaversenuke, Director, Chamber of Commerce

The Merrickville & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce a “Merrickville Tulip Festival” event from May 10 to 20, 2019!

The Merrickville Tulip Festival has been officially recognized as a Canadian Tulip Festival Friendship Network event by the Ottawa Canadian Tulip Festival organization! With this recognition, Merrickville-Wolford will be promoted on the Ottawa Canadian Tulip Festival website and will also be included in their Friendship Network marketing that will attract visitors to our village in May.

The village will be awash with 2,235 beautiful tulips in the spring (1,110 are official Canadian Tulip Festival red and yellow striped specialty tulips (see tulip photo below) already planted, and 1,125 are forced (fully grown) tulips that will be planted in tubs and gardens at various locations around Merrickville.

Forced tulips of various colours will also be sold at cost to Chamber of Commerce members.

The final cost will be $7.99 (+ HST) for 5 fully grown tulips in a pot, or $50 (+ HST) for 25 tulips in a liner (ready to insert in a tub or flower box). Wooden tulip planting tubs can be purchased at Whistle Post Antiques (613-269-2770).

If you would like to purchase forced (fully grown) tulips for the spring through the Chamber of Commerce please contact me by Email at mike.zaversenuke@gmail.com.


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