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Many residents at the Bayfield Retirement Manor have discovered that trivia questions are a great way for them to exercise their minds. Questions about various topics get the minds thinking and give residents a way to stimulate parts of the brain that otherwise may not be used. Trivia can jog memory and provide an opportunity to take a walk down memory lane. Our trivia sessions provide a wonderful way to discuss the past and how these various events influence contemporary life.

At the outset, there is often a misunderstanding that can be easily overcome. What is this bugaboo? It is the commonly held belief that you must know all of the answers. No one, not even Einstein, was ever expected to know everything. Once that reality is acknowledged, trivia can be fun!

I have discovered that the seniors in my group have a lot of knowledge to pass along to anyone who is willing to listen. I learn so much from them at each session! We should never worry about senior moments; we all get them!

Recently, it became impossible to select a Grand Champion because of the outstanding achievement of all concerned. The only solution was to declare everyone in the trivia group a Champ! The winner’s trophy was awarded to one and all.

I look forward to a continuation of our trivia fun in September.


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