Drivers navigate the intersection of County Roads 43 and 44 in Kemptville on March 29, where the traffic lights were malfunctioning. Photo by Ashley Sloan.

Last week, technical issues with the traffic lights that direct traffic at the intersection of County Roads 43 and 44 in Kemptville caused much frustration for motorists. The issues with the lights came and went several times, with drivers likely assuming that the issue had been fixed before having it reappear. When traffic lights are not working, motorists can still use the intersection, but it must be treated as a four way stop. This applies to any traffic light intersection where the lights are malfunctioning or when the power to the lights is out. 

There was much horn honking and rapid braking observed at the intersection during the times last week when the lights were malfunctioning. Many motorists were clearly annoyed with the delays, and others were unsure of what to do. Sometimes, when traffic lights are malfunctioning, temporary stops signs will be set down to remind drivers to treat the intersection as a four way stop, but this was not the case last week. 

The problems began early in the week. As of the March 29 Council meeting, problems were still being experienced, as confirmed by acting CAO and Director of Public Works, Karen Dunlop. Mayor Peckford reminded people at the start of the meeting that traffic light intersections experiencing a power outage, or malfunctioning traffic signals, should be treated as a four way stop. It was also stated during the meeting that some of the connections for the traffic lights are under water, which is part of the reason for the delay in repairs. As a side note, Mayor Peckford reminded residents that construction on the new roundabout at the intersection of County Roads 43 and 22 (South Gower Drive) will start in the coming weeks. 


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