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The TR Leger School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education hosted an open house on Tuesday, December 3 at its Kemptville campus. More than a dozen people attended the event, which showcased the campus and the alternative programming it offers secondary school students and adults.

“We wanted the community to know about our life-changing programming,” said TR Leger Principal Sandy McInnes. “Our programs offer a second chance. They help high school students and adults obtain their high school diploma or strengthen their resume to find employment. They can study on a schedule that fits their needs and the diploma TR grants is exactly the same as any mainstream school.”

The campus is located on the second floor of the Parish Building at 40 Campus Street, in the old Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology. It offers “one stop shopping” for a variety of programming. Programs showcased at the event included the Skills Training and Employment Preparation program (STEP), Adult Education, and high school courses.

The STEP program allows adults to study relevant occupational courses so they can secure a job, such as its call centre program, daycare worker program, and materials handler program. When completed, students earn a certificate they can list on their resume.

The Adult Education Program permits adults who did not attain a high school diploma the flexibility to earn one online, on their own schedule. Adults can gain credits for their life experiences through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Program (PLAR), drastically shortening the amount of credits required to attain a diploma.

“With PLAR, the road to your diploma is much shorter than you think,” stressed Sandy McInnes.

High school students looking for an alternative to mainstream classes can benefit from the self-directed course structure at TR Leger to earn their diploma and set the stage for a successful future.


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