Toys For Hope


by Zara Zrudlo

During the Coronavirus, times have been hard and many loved ones have been lost, including my great grandmother. At times like this, hope can be hard to find, especially for kids. So if you are a kid, or you know of a kid who needs a friend in this tough time, then please let me know, because I know some stuffed animals who would love to come cheer you up.

If you are interested you can send me an email. My name is Zara, I am 11 years old and I created The Daisy Meadows Peace Club to spread peace and joy in North Grenville. You can send The Daisy Meadows Peace Club an email, including your address, at [email protected], and we will leave a free of charge stuffed animal/friend on your doorstep. We have 31 free stuffed animals looking to find new homes and spread joy. If you do not feel comfortable giving us your address please let us know and we will email you with some options. We have medium and small stuffed animals, of all colours including black and brown. Please let me know your colour and size preference when you email me!

Thank you so much, I know some stuffed animals that will be very pleased!


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