To the Mayor and Council of the Municipality of North Grenville


Scenes of this past week’s devastation in British Columbia are shocking and heart-rending and may indicate only a fraction of the suffering that the people of that province are about to endure.

The floods and landslides of this disaster may be at a remove of several thousand kilometres to those of us in eastern Ontario, but we will feel the effects of this disaster in time.

This catastrophe has cut off Canada’s most important economic hub, the Port of Vancouver, from the rest of the nation. Let us not forget that we were not truly whole as the Dominion of Canada “ad mari usque ad mare” until a transcontinental railway linked our provinces by commerce. That link between the Pacific and the Atlantic runs directly through North Grenville. At the present time, it does not exist.

As a visible measure of support, I ask that the Municipality of North Grenville fly the flag of the Province of British Columbia for the duration of one week.

Thank you,
Craig Stevenson


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