TNIM’s Kitchen Witches


Cooking show hosts Isobel Lomax (Ann MacLaughlan) and Dolly Biddle (Andrea Howard) have been professional and personal rivals for 30 years. Their animated spats have suddenly become prime time entertainment, as they must now co-host The Kitchen Witches – a new cable TV cooking show created to showcase their hilarious rivalry. TNIM’s culinary comedy also stars Marc Alarie as Dolly’s long-suffering producer-son, Stephen. Vicki Graham adds a chaplinesque touch as Robbie, the silent, but ever-present camera-gal.

Timothy Molloy directs, once again tapping his actresses’ “inner Carol Burnett” and squeezing every delicious drop of physical comedy out of an already very funny play by Caroline Smith. The Kitchen Witches was the winner of the 2005 Samuel French Canadian Playwrights Competition.

It plays at the Merrickville Community Centre, Thursday and Friday, April 5 and 6, at 7:30 pm and Sunday April 7 at 2, with a pop-up choir performance at 1:30. Tickets are $15. See for details.


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