TNIM renovations to community centre


Council has approved renovations to the Merrickville Community Centre spearheaded by Theatre Night in Merrickville (TNIM). The group’s request was brought to council on April 9, along with a resolution that included the waiving of the fees associated with a construction permit.

The renovations include the addition of a storage area on the upper floor and the creation of a sound-resistant wall to reduce noise transmission between the upstairs room and the community centre hall. According to the document given to council, this will be done by adding an “inner layer of sound deadening products to the inside of the room.” The products proposed include resilient sound isolation clips, furring channels, noise proofing compounds and sealants, and two layers of 5/8 drywall. All airspace due to the work will be filled with fibreglass insulation.

TNIM estimates that the materials for these two projects will cost around $3,600. They have received a $1,000 small project grant from the Eastern Ontario Drama League, and will be paying the balance out of pocket. All the work will be carried out by TNIM volunteers.

Council gave its approval for the proposed renovations at the April 9 council meeting, subject to the Chief Building Official’s approval and issuance of a construction permit. The Municipality will be waiving the cost of any construction permit fees that may be required.


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