It’s been a long time since our community has been able to enjoy a major festival or live event. The pandemic has halted plans and thwarted efforts countless times including plans for the Kemptville Buskerfest. Needless to say, the community and people across eastern Ontario are chomping at the bit to get out and connect with each other, be entertained, escape the past two years and feel normal even if just for a day. It’s been even longer since that festival was hosted in Downtown Kemptville. The last major event hosted in the downtown would have been the Dandelion Festival in the spring of 2017. Thousands of visitors enjoyed a variety of activities, live music and other delights for children of all ages.

Taking a nod from it’s “weedy” roots, the Kemptville Buskerfest is ready to take the stage now and show visitors that downtown can once again be a festive, thrilling and magical place. But this isn’t just about Buskerfest. This is also about a community coming together to show visitors everything that it has to offer. The generous people, the unique businesses, the charming built history, the natural beauty and the welcoming hospitality that has made Kemptville a day-trip destination for people from across eastern Ontario for decades. It’s time for our local businesses to step forward and get a much-needed boost by opening their doors, hearts and minds to visitors who are ready to experience them. People will be craving an experience and it’s time for us to give them one. Remember, if visitors have a memorable experience and we leave them with a vivid impression, they’ll come back again and again and again. Join all of us at the Kemptville Buskerfest and the Old Town Kemptville BIA in sharing all of the news and information about the great things that are happening on Saturday May 21st! Tell them everything about what your business has in store for visitors, give them a reason to run straight to your front door because if they don’t, they may have missed something extraordinary! As a community, we’ve been VERY patient and done everything and more than has been asked of us over the past two years. It’s time to take the gloves off and show everyone what they’ve been missing out on. North Grenville, it’s our time to shine!



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