Hole too deep.....first frame down 3 to zip, 73's needed to play catch up and just ran out of time against the Cornwall Colts Sunday matinee game

by the sportsguy

Sunday afternoon road game, someone left the corral gates open as the Kemptville 73’s were stampeded by the Cornwall Colts for 6 to 2 hurt.

Colts went on attack at 1:04 when Charlie Skinner, assisted by Tallman and Cote to beat Riley McCabe. Yuill found Emerick Nadeau at 2:08 for the second goal to give Cornwall 2 to zip lead. Third point came at 2:27 when Tanner Tarbell with helpers from Gaudreau and Lightfoot chased Riley McCabe to the sideline. Cornwall with man advantage from Shaw and Campbell to feed Kobe Tallman (PPG) to ram it past Jacob Oster at 4:30. The bleeding continued as the Colts, Brennan with Bradley Shaw at 11:55 to make it a 5 – 0 bomb. Before the initial period ended, Charlie Campbell would make his mark with O’Mara and Brennan at 15:58. Cornwall with 11 SOG for 6 goals and Kemptville 7, as Colts 2 PP with 1 and 73’s with 1 without result.

73’s need to rally together in the dressing room and regain their focus, to initiate their game plan so they can get back on track.

Different Kemptville team came out for the second, as Riley McCabe returned between the posts. Ryan combined with Dennison to set up Chase Broda (4) in the slot to rifle it over Rici Dimatteo to spoil his SO at 2:30. Both squads played hard end to end action with various opportunities to get on the board. Kemptville doubled up on SOG 12 – 6, with 1 PP attempt.

Final twenty with the 73’s still behind after a sluggish first was a fast and furious affair as both teams couldn’t capitalize until 19:10, when Lammi and Suzuki so Ryan Pawlikowski (7) could find the back of the net to make it a 6 – 2 final for Cornwall. Very even final with 73’s one more than Colts, 11 – 10 and 1 PP each.

Kemptville dug themselves a hole in the first that they couldn’t recover from. Coaches said it best after the game. “Tough weekend, as we didn’t play well on Friday, and today we got off to a bad start that sunk us. It’s a long season and the message to the boys is don’t get too high when times are good and don’t get too low when you have some tough games like we just had. We’ll get back to work on Tuesday’s practice to get ready to play some winning hockey when we face the Brockville Braves on Friday”.

Brockville on a six-game winning streak, came on strong to open the first to beat William Anderson at just over 2-minute mark. When Clay Korpi at 2:21 with helpers from MacCormick and McRae drove it into the back of the net. Braves dominated the opposition zone to outshoot 73’s by 20 – 4, as Anderson kept them in the game. Both teams with 1 PP, without results to finish the period.

Kemptville needed to turn things around and get on board to open the second stanza, but unfortunately Brockville had other ideas as Ryan Gillespie assisted by Torriani and Stacey pumped in the go ahead at 1:11. Man advantage when Justin McRae PPG, assisted by Wuth and Spratt for the Brockville insurance at 8:17. Kemptville bounced back as they launched 15 SOG, and still couldn’t put one past Jake Begley with Brockville recording 12. 73’s and Braves on 2 PP with Kemptville having extra 2-minute advantage.

Last twenty, Kemptville woke up a little too late as they spoiled Jake Begley SO when Braves with extra attacker was overtaken when a combination of Patterson head manned to Makoda Suzuki (9) at 3:44 for SHG. The rest of the third remained tight with each looking to capitalize on mistakes, as Kemptville and Brockville matched 10 shots. Brockville gaining 3 PP and Kemptville having 2 PP, without finding the back of the mesh. Without Anderson’s consistency between the pipes, it could have been a double digit result. Brockville Braves still remains consistent with seven win streak, as they slammed Kemptville 73’s 3 – 1.

Saturday evening the boys’ on the road again, met Ottawa Junior Senators on their turf and the Junior Senators struck first within two minutes. David Berube assisted by White and Eftimovski at 1:48 to drill it past William Anderson to make 1 to zip for Ottawa. Tic-Tac-Toe sling from Easton and Dennison to find Chase Broda (9) in the slot to rifle it by Felix Schnell at 6:29 to even the score. At 13:17 Junior Senators break the tie when Mackenzie White with helpers from Fitzsimmons and Blanchard into the opening space. Junior Senators with extra attacker gave David Berube PPG his second, assisted from Alsaif and Smart at 16:35 for the go ahead. Kemptville answered back when Jeff Taylor went on a single tear to put them within one to wrap up the initial at 17:14. Ottawa doubled down 12 SOG to Kemptville 6 and Ottawa 1 PP on 3, as Kemptville 0 on 1 PP.

Second round both ends played tight, but at 16:15 Whitaker from the draw, back to Merrett on point and Cameron Cotnam (1) first puck of the season to tie it at 3. Junior Senators counted 11 SOG with 73’s 6 and having 3 PP without results.

Final twenty miler as both teams exhibited very tight, timid end to end aggressive play waiting to capitalize on mistakes. Kemptville came alive with 73’s out-gunning Senators 10 to 8 with Ottawa 1 PP and Kemptville 2 PP without markers. OT was forced after ending the third with a 3 – 3 tie and David Berube nailed his 3-goal night, to give him a hat-trick and an Ottawa win at 4:39. Each club managed 1 SOG with Junior Senators walking away with a victory.

Kemptville managed to savour one point for their three road battles.

Moving forward, the 73’s awarded 12 PP opportunities within their three games need to focus on their power play program.

Accordingly, to the comments from the coach….”hard fought game with a terrific comeback against a very good team to tie and force OT and could have gone either way”….”It was a solid game by the guys”.

Next home games in November: Thursday, November 14, 12:30 pm, School Day Game when Brockville Braves will be in town. Friday, November 22, 7:30 pm, Mountain of Toys Game against Rockland Nationals. Friday, November 29, Movember Game Pembroke Lumber Kings in our barn. Mark these on your calendar and on your to do list for November.

This week coaches “Digger Award” goes to #12 forward Cameron Cotnam for his continuous work ethic and counting two points on the road for his efforts.
Hockey with edge… a cut above the rest… show you care… see you there.


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