Think about leaving something to charity in your will


The Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation has joined more than 500 charities, financial advisors, and legal professionals from across Canada for the launch of Will PowerÔ, a national public education effort designed to inspire Canadians to leave gifts in their wills to charity.

“Research shows that 86% of Canadians are aware they can leave a charitable gift in a will, but more than 60% choose not to, because they believe it would take away from their loved ones,” explains Kristen Casselman, Managing Director, WDMH Foundation. “But it’s not an either/or proposition. Everyone can leave a gift to charity, while still taking care of those they love most. We would love to talk to our donors about the possibilities.”

Campaign organizers anticipate that if enough Canadians join the effort and leave a charitable gift in their will, as much as $40 billion dollars could be pledged in the next 10 years for important social causes like Winchester District Memorial Hospital. Currently, charitable giving through wills in Canada is at 5%. The goal of the Will PowerÔ campaign is to increase that to 8.5% by 2030. More than 20 countries around the world have launched similar campaigns.

“Even 1% left to the WDMH Foundation in a will can make an enormous impact, while still leaving 99% of an estate for their family. Leaving a small portion of an estate to charity could result in a bigger contribution than most people would ever think possible, while still supporting those they love,” adds Erin Kapcala, Manager of Major and Planned Giving.

To learn more, visit the Will PowerÔ website. You can learn about gifts in wills and get tips on estate planning, or calculate your potential gift with the legacy calculator. You can also visit the WDMH Foundation’s Planned Giving section on our website at, or contact Erin Kapcala at 613-774-2422 ext. 6769, or


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