by Susanne Larner, Oxford Mills Community Association (OMCA)

Make a wish. Write it down on a piece of paper. Fold it and peg it to a string found on the Wishing Tree. Ask your friends to do the same. Keep wishing – until the tree is covered with wishes.

From June 27 to July 4, the OMCA is creating a project of hope in Maplewood Park. It’s called the Wishing Tree. Wishing trees are an old tradition found throughout history in many cultures and countries. Simply explained, they are specific, often revered, trees where people hang notes expressing their hopes or wishes.

Trees are natural sanctuaries and have inspired humans since we have inhabited this earth. In Oxford Mills, we appreciate the gracious old trees in our very own Maplewood Park. Our project is intended to celebrate these trees and our special park, as well as to lift our communal hearts and minds during these tumultuous and uncertain times.

How to Participate

Come to the park to write your wish (please bring a pen or other writing instrument). Paper and pegs will be provided in the gazebo to write and hang your wish. You can also write or draw or colour your wish at home and bring it to the park.

You can show your wish to the world, or you can choose to fold it up – it’s your wish! You can put your name on it, or not. Examples will be hung to help guide you. Please be careful not to harm the tree when hanging
your wish.

As an exciting bonus, we are also encouraging people to contribute uplifting public messages and artwork to our gazebo. Create a lightweight artwork on paper or cardboard and clip it to the strings hung about the gazebo. Follow the lead of the examples already hung up, but use your own individuality and creativity! Be kind and appropriate in your choices. Please use household supplies available to you.

We ask that you follow current safety guidelines. Wash or sanitize your hands before participating, wear masks when necessary, and be mindful of distancing when you encounter your neighbours.

May your hearts be light, your minds be clear, and may all your wishes come TRUE!


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