The NG Times Newspaper

by John Baldwin

We’ve got a cheeky little bird, who visits us,
And always causes people to puzzle and to frown,
Because he doesn’t know which side is his up-side, or his down!

He comes, head-first, running down a tree, in search of feeding needs,
And always hangs – on, looking down, when eating peanuts, or just seeds!
He’s a perky little fellow, with a stripe across his eye,
As he clasps-on and looks around and we just wonder why!

But, that’s just the way he is, a lovely bird to watch and of him a picture snatch,
For he’s the ever active “Upside Down Bird”, the beautiful Red- Breasted Nuthatch!

March, 2019
Inspired by a photograph from a bird-loving friend and a picture, of my own, of a daily visitor to my own bird feeder, who visits along with his White-Breasted, non eye-barred, relative.


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